Teresa crawford

Teresa brings nearly 20 years of experience in international nonprofits and social enterprises to the work of the Accelerator. Her first venture was launching the first post-war ISP in Kosovo. Since then she has built successful foundations and strong nonprofits, advising startups, and seizing opportunities to put technology to work for development and improving services for citizens.

hugh o'donnell

Hugh has been advising startup nonprofits since the beginning of his career. His passion is finding innovators and activists working for social change around the world and helping them hone the skills they need to realize their visions. A practitioner and facilitator of design thinking, "evidence, evidence, evidence" is his mantra.  He leads our impact investing work.


The Accelerator team is only as strong as the amazing folks we collaborate with around the world. Drawing on staff from the Counterpart International network and programs around the world as well as a tribe of like-minded energetic and skilled consultants we can access diverse talent with the skills and relationships that ensure the success of our engagements.