What We Do

For foundations, non-profits, networks and investors committed to addressing global challenges and improving the lives of people in their communities, the Accelerator offers the opportunity to maximize return on your investment by strengthening and increasing the impact of groups you support. With our help your social investment will go farther, faster, through an increase in what we call, the Capacity Dividend.™

For community leaders and social entrepreneurs our organizational strengthening support builds a virtuous cycle of impact, organizational improvement, and increased support from donors. An improvement we call, the Capacity Surge™.

In everything we do, our goal is to help our partners achieve their purpose and measurable increases in their social impact. In this work, we draw heavily on design thinking to encourage continual experimentation, analysis, and innovation.

We use an Acceleration Cycle to guide our engagement with clients and partners.


Examples from our work:

The NEAR Network is a movement of civil society organizations from the global south rooted in our communities who share a common goal of promoting fair, equitable and dignified partnerships in the current aid system. In 2018, our team supported the NEAR Secretariat to develop a capacity strengthening strategy for their members. We believe that robust and resilient organizations are key to respond to crisis and development challenges.


Throughout much of 2017 and early 2018, we worked with Paso del Norte Health Foundation (PdNHF) in El Paso, Texas to better understand their grantees’ organizational strengthening needs and the local context for delivering support effectively.  Over a 9-month period, we helped the Foundation develop an Action Plan to help nonprofits in its region – in both the United States and Mexico – continue to grow and improve the health of people in their communities. Given that PdNHF’s partners have limited pools of skilled nonprofit professionals and limited resources for building specialized skills on staff, the Accelerator and PdNHF determined that a top priority is to create a network of specialized resources to fill key gaps in skills for non-profits across the area.  PdNHF’s investment will create a backbone of on-demand support for PdNHF’s non-profit partners.


In 2017, the Accelerator team began working with CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation to design and pilot a customized grants administration process and platform powered by GivingData. In 2018 the Accelerator team is supporting CIVICUS to grant $750k to groups around the world. Our approach streamlines existing processes while reducing risks, minimizes the burden on grantee partners, and accelerates CIVICUS' ability to meet their resource mobilization goals.