What We Do

For donors and investors who are already committed to social causes and global development, the Accelerator offers the opportunity to maximize return on your investment by strengthening and increasing the impact of groups you currently fund. With our help your social investment will go farther, faster, through an increase in what we call, the Capacity Dividend.™

For community leaders and social entrepreneurs our organizational strengthening support builds a virtuous cycle of impact, organizational improvement, and increased support from donors. An improvement we call, the Capacity Surge™.

Services We Offer

  • Capacity Building and Organizational Strengthening
  • Facilitation and Human Centered Design
  • Partner Qualification and Vetting Services
  • Fiscal Agent Service
  • Impact Investment Advice and Management
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Research and Assessments
  • Evaluation

In everything we do, our goal is to help our partners pursue their purpose and achieve measurable increases in their social impact. In this work, we draw heavily on design thinking to encourage continual experimentation, analysis, and innovation. We organize the components of our process into three main "buckets": 



Through ethnographic, participatory, and evaluative research, we help changemakers better understand the challenges they are trying to address and the tools at their disposal for addressing them. 



Social change rrequires thoughtful problem framing and rigorous analysis. Through this, we help our clients develop a more nuanced understanding of the problem they hope to address. 



Innovation doesn't come from light bulb moments, but from continual experimentation. We help our clients introduce new, testable approaches for solving social challenges, allowing for further iteration to maximize impact.