Accelerator Resource Library

This page includes links to training and workshop resources developed by the Accelerator Team.



Over the years we have collected a lot of tools for our toolbox. Every time we facilitate a workshop, strategy session or training we make good use of these tools. Often we are told…’your tools are so cool’ or ‘your office is great to work in’ and people want to know where we got our tools.

Our online shop showcases our favorite tools for our work - helping nonprofits and foundations achieve their missions and lead with a purpose.

Investing in organizational Strengthening

This page contains materials for the Investing in Organizational Strengthening Program Design workshop. It includes:

  • Background Reading on Organizational Strengthening and Capacity Building

  • Assessment Tools and Process including Sample Sectoral and Landscape Reviews

  • Resources on Diversity, Equity and Inclusions Related to Foundation Practice and Organizational Strengthening

  • Tools for Continuous Learning

  • Other Resources