Your impact is our purpose. 

The world is faced with a multitude of complex challenges. Our role is to support those closest to the challenges to identify, prioritize and seek solutions to their challenges and to support those with resources, expertise and the will to help address those challenges to do so with humility, evidence of impact and to address the root causes or underlying systems that may be perpetuating the problems.

Whether working with a team to refine strategic objectives and develop an action plan to increase their impact, or helping a client use our customized platform to reduce their administrative costs and maximize the amount of money that reaches partners, we draw on our decades of experience to help those we work with arrive at solutions that work for them.

We’re focused on organizations that:

  • have great ideas and proven solutions but no funding.

  • have funding, but lack the capacity to realize the big vision.

  • have the funding and the capacity but need partners to develop shared solutions for greater impact.

At the Social Sector Accelerator, we have the benefit of being a small and nimble start-up, quick to respond to challenges, and the skills and strength to design and implement creative solutions. As a member of the Counterpart Network, we also have the advantage of a global network of experts and experience accessible through the Network. Through our partners on the ground around the world, we provide coaching to nonprofits and social enterprises on how to increase their effectiveness, accelerate their impact and achieve their purpose. By strengthening partnerships, building capacity, and increasing investment in the social sector, we maximize its impact. We work with social impact investors to ensure strong returns on their investment. We pair intellectual rigor with our experience and commitment to communities to help donors and investors find the best locally-driven solutions in which to invest. We deliver capacity building with a purpose.

Our Values

With every engagement we take, we emphasize: 

  • Locally-driven solutions - impact is greatest when solutions are led by the communities they are meant to benefit.

  • Evidence of impact - social solutions must move beyond intuition and assumptions. Data and rigorous analysis are the key to accelerating measurable social change.

  • Cost-effectiveness - if our goal is to change the world, we must make sure every scarce philanthropic dollar spent is leveraged in the most effective way possible.