Supporting Organizational Strengthening (SOS) Self-Assessment Quiz

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Thoughts on an Organizational Strengthening Program Taxonomy

Initial thoughts on a taxonomy of 6 approaches foundations and intermediaries are taking to supporting stronger and more resilient organizations.

How does a foundation or intermediary decide on one of these 6 approaches? Is it based on their past experience? On what they’ve seen others do? On their own spoken or unspoken foundation values or beliefs? On the best fit for their context and grantee partners needs? What do organizations have to say about the impacts of the different approaches?

Improving Our Understanding of Impact - Experimenting with Surge Measures

How Brian Treece at Findlay-Hancock County Memorial Foundation used our Capacity Surge measures use the Surge Measures to help assess the effectiveness of Findlay-Hancock’s organizational strengthening program.

How will we know what kinds of investment in organizational strengthening lead to increased mission impact?

What might a 'Learning Agenda' look like for an organizational strengthening program?

All of this points to the importance of evidence and data, but what should a learning agenda look like? The following questions emerged from our discussions:

  • How might foundations structure organizational strengthening initiatives to return the greatest results?
  • What is possible with a grantee-centered approach with a focus on organizational strengthening that focuses on the abilities needed to achieve a clearly defined mission?
  • What might change if foundations place organizational strengthening in the context of the larger system the groups are trying to change/effect/work within? Are there different strengths to be built for different organizations within the system? ? 
  • How might we measure the impact of organizational strengthening support on organizations and their ability to achieve their missions? What do we measure?
  • How might we determine “predictive indicators of success” – a small number of predictive indicators that allow quick analysis of whether organizations need additional strengthening to be effective?